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Travel Approval

Curtin Travel Approval and Booking Process

The travel approval process for staff, students and guests is managed in the Travel Operations Portal (TOP).

Steps in the Travel Approval Process

Step 1: Preparation

Gather the information required for the approval of the travel:

  • Review the following Curtin Policies and Guidelines:
Staff Travel Student Travel Visitor Travel
Travel Procedures Travel Procedures for Students Travel Procedures
Purchasing and Payments Policy Risk Management Policy Purchasing and Payments Policy
Taxation Requirements Fieldwork Policy Risk Management Policy
Risk Management Policy Fieldwork Procedures Travel Insurance Policy
Travel Insurance Policy Travel Insurance Policy
Working Remotely Guide
Fieldwork Policy
Fieldwork Procedures
  • Determine travel dates, approximate travel costs (using the Travel Information page) and the cost centre to be charged for the travel.

Note: For group travel requirements complete the Group Travel form in the Reference Documents section.

Step 2: Log In and Complete the Travel Request

Open the Travel Operations Portal  and log in using your Staff Portal or Student Oasis log in credentials

Complete the Travel Request form and submit, referring to the following Quick Reference Guide/s:

Note: The travel request can be saved before submission.

Step 3: Travel Review

The travel request is reviewed by either a supervisor and or administration staff prior to submission to a manager for approval. Travel reviewer please refer to the following Quick Reference Guide:

  • QRG: Travel Request Review and Approval

Step 4: Manager Approval

The reviewed Travel Request is sent to the manager for approval if there are no additional approvals required such as for business class travel or travel to high risk destinations. The manager can request further information from the traveller prior to approval.

Step 5: Traveller Notification

The system automatically advises the traveller of the travel request status by email. The approved travel request is then forwarded to the Travel Operations team for action.

Step 6: Staff Post Travel Diary Declaration

Staff travelling for 6 nights or more will need to complete a post travel diary declaration. An email reminder will be sent upon their return.